Mark DeFriest director







WASA (West Australian Screen Award) for Outstanding Achievement for Drama Direction (2007)

AFI Award (Australian Film Institute) and LOGIE Nomination for Best Childrenís Show for episode one of Cybergirl.

AFI and LOGIE Nominations for Best Childrens’ Show for the telemovie, Southern Cross.

BAFTA award (British Academy of Film & Television Arts) for Thunderstone.

AFI Nominations for Thunderstone II & III.

BAFTA award for Ocean Girl IV.

Two ATOM awards (Australian Teachers of Media)† for Thunderstone, Best Childrens’ Television Series 1999 & 2000.†

AFI nomination (Australian Film Institute) for episodes 3 & 4 of Ocean Girl IV.

AFI nomination for episode 19 of The Flying Doctors.

AFI nomination for the telemovie Sisterly Love.

Penguin Awards for Best Drama Serial Program (1983 & 1984) for Carson's Law (Producer).

Feltex Awards finalist, Best Drama category (1980 New Zealand) for Jocko (Producer).

9th place Hawaiian State Windsurfing Championships, Maui, 2001.

114th place Ledge Point to Lancelin Windsurfing Marathon. Western Australia 2009.